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There's a palpable unease at work this afternoon, lots of Rita anxiety. Many of the people there haven't live here long, trolling the news sites they become alarmed. They cite dire predictions of "hurricane force winds" hitting us, and "possible flooding". Piffle and penobscott!

It's too damn early to know which way she's going to turn, and those dire predictions assume the worst path. Even slightly off and the potentials drop drastically. The only flooding will be localized flash flooding (unless it stalls out over us like a giant hen with ten billion eggs of rain), even that won't be too bad because we've had a wet summer and most of the waterways still have viable ground cover.

I'll be more confident in the morning when we get inside the 3 day forcast, but I doubt we'll see more than a bunch of rain (9-10") and some normal strong winds (40knts).
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Good bleeding gods!
I just saw in [ profile] atomslife journal this story:
(go to tom's journal if you don't want to use bug me not)

The mayor of roundrock is giving a downtown coffee house a hard time for having a drag show there. When he didn;t feel he was intimidating enough he sic'd the firemarshall on them.

Am I the only person (no) who see's a mayor saying something like "Maxwell said Roberts should pay attention to public perceptions if she's going to stay successful as a business owner." the same way I would a known mafioso say "nice place you got here, shame if something happened to it".
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So throughout the country firefighters have volunteered to come down to the gulf coast to try to help, when they got here they sat through a day of sexual harassment training and were informed their duties would be to hand out fliers at evacuee centers. When they complained about this egregious waste of resources the FEMA spokesman questioned their commitment to firefighting and the citizens of the community.
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katina societal bullshit )
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I've not been paying as much attention to the katrina aftermath as a lot of people, thank the gods I have a job to keep me busy. But given my newshound tendancies I've been paying enough to feel depressed and overwhelmed.

So my advice to anyone else feeling that way:
take care of the people close to you
try to not think about the shit you can't do anything about
give money to the red cross every time you feel guilty
turn off the news
don't read the katriablogs
try to give people who are avoiding the story some space

to put that in action:katrina politics )

Foamy Rocks

Sep. 1st, 2005 10:24 am
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from [ profile] endora
the latest update from our ace reporter Foamy the squirrel.
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Mmmm catagory 5 hurricane headed for nawlins

should be interesting
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now, that's what I call punked:

From one of the stories:
"To Kodee, Bush is her father's boss and she does not understand why people think he is evil. She has also has a very difficult time understanding the war protesters and has begun to fear them the way most kids fear the boogeyman or monsters."
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Just back from the dogpark, sun exposure like that is contraindicated but my dogs were desperate for some park time. The needed to get out. I tried to keep to the shade and be covered but I think I got a sunburn on the back of my neck which means I am going to feel a bit yucky later today.

When we got home there was a big vulture in our front yard, bigger than tipareth, With the insouciance of an suburban carrion eater it just moved to the other side of the tree but didn't leave my yard. The dogs were KEENLY aware of his presence and I carfefully got out so I wouldn't interfere and the dogs projectile vomited out of my truck.

Clyde almost got him, despite suffering the deficit of being in the back area and having to shove through saladin and tipareth, another 6-8 feet and he would had a taste of tailfeathers. Saladin however was the smart one and got to sniff the dead squirrel it was packing on. Not wanting them to be really nasty I hollered them in the house, yelling "It's his squirrel, you can't roll in it!"

wow wreck

Jul. 16th, 2005 10:53 pm
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I saw this increadible wreck tonight around 7:30 at Parmer and mcneil. There were a bunch of cop cars, a firetruck, an ems truck, two ambulences and everything was shut to a trickle in all four directions.

The black truck appears to have hit the grey car hard enough it knocked it up the pole guy wrie backwards and then flipped itself to land on it's top.

It was a bitch getting pictures with my phone, it kept wanting to meter on the sky and go to dark
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Well I fired off my stick of half dozen mortars to frighten off the demons of oppression.

I don't think it did much good, them demons can afford good earplugs; oppression pays well.
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There is a blue and white helicopter (looks like a bell jetranger) that's been making big counter clockwise circles over the mopac and braker area for what's seemed like hours. Anyone have any clues what is going on?

coworkers said it landed in the field over between mopac and the tracks met up with a buncha cop cars and then took off


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