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Ahh the joys that are ssris

So after feeling absoloutely yucky yesterday morning I took that shower and nap then got up and went shopping, did some yard work and watched a lame sci fi movie (Alien Seige) and made some refried beans that didn't taste quite right.

In the bad days before the wonder drug there is no way I could have gone to feeling that low to feeling perky like I do this morning, I'd be in the ditch for at least the rest of the week. Instead I can essentially sleep it off, get up and start over.

I think part of my mood yesterday was the yard, it had gotten pretty jungly I kinda liked it being very natural looking, I would from time to time go through and pull unwanted interlopers and let the res grow as it would but then it started to outgrow that and got more vacant lot looking. Finally my neighbor came by and weed whacked the front strip between the sidewalk and the street. It made me feel really self-conscious and I wrought death (or at least mowing) on all in my dominion, I still need to edge some more and clear out the flower bed in front of the window but it is much more suburbanly acceptable. I think it really was ok, until it started getting hot and I didn;t want to take the time to be as selective about what was growing in my lawn.


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