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a good scale: ohaus or better digital that will do gram or .1 gram up to a kilo or two-one of the hardest things inwith my diet is that it's tough to know exactly how much of something I am using. I want to be able to weight the jar of peanut butter before and after when i make a sandwich instead of guesstimating or (gods forbid) weasuring our with tablespoons. $200

new shoes: new balance 585's (or the equivalent)

Weight set: dumbells, ergo handles, rubber coated, 5-25, stand

String Trimmer: electric, old one is dying

Ladder: 10' fiberglass, 350# capacity (not really what I want but this is cool)

Clothes: 2 tan slacks, white dress shirt, misc
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[ profile] polyhymnia asked me what I want for my birthday.

I always find that difficult to answer. I want you to go out and comb the curio shops and hip bazarre's for days and find something that sings to your heart and makes you immediately think of me. But I don't expect that. I don't appreciate people who just give me gift certificates unless they are to someplace cool I wouldn't otherwise go. Cash doesn't do it for me except in startelingly large amounts.

I like toys and cool little examples of the cleverness of mankind. Gegaws and coolstuff. Here's my thinkgeek wishlist, but I don't patronize amazon. I really only want books and movies that I particularly like but trying to keep a wishlist current is not going to happen soon. I'll probably never redeem an offer of services unless you initiate it.

I want a bluetooth ear piece but I am not sure what style.
A propane torch
a long high quality pruning pole
a 10'+ heavy duty fiberglass ladder
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After much struggle I bought a bag of diatomaceous earth the other day and powdered a patch of lawn that has not grown well since we moved in. I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but I suspect grub infestation. I sprinkled nematodes over the area last year and it didn't do anything so I am trying this. If it doesn't work I am abstractly considering digging the fucker up and putting in a pond in my front yard.

I have been playing with this idea of a small above ground cistern I could use to store collected rain water and use to water my property. The idea would be to simulate a small creek running from the top front of my yard down and around and out the back into the ditch and have it run something like continuously. Use it to feed a few planter beds as it flows.

I don't think I could run it off just harvested rain water without a huge cistern, but a small one that would be augmented by tap water and presented as some sort of natural ediface might work. Pump it out through a small fountain into a pond, and then let that pond over flow into the creekbed.

The diatomacious earth suprised me, I was expecting it to feet rough but it's increadibly smooth and soft, like talc or confectioners sugar. I enjoyed playing with it so much I sprinkled around the pecan and my front door. I am going to work some in the dogs fur and circle the house with it. It's such increadibly cool stuff, it came to me that it's almost a nanotech product, naturally produced but so simple it seems almost engineered.


Jun. 21st, 2005 06:37 pm
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I've started fishing through the available materiel on helmets, I was hoping someone has come up with something I've been wanting for a while but I can't find it. I used to ride three wheelers as a kid so I've spent a lot of time in them and not approaching this from a completely theoretical point of view. It seems that in the last decade the biggest advancement in helmets is the leap from fiberglass to kevlar on the highend buckets. whoop.

I want a helmet that augments my senses. At a very minimum they should have headlights on them but there's so much more your could do. You can buy helmet speakers but why the hell hasn't anyone ever put a pair of microphones on the out side of one? It seems like something you might want to be able to route in to your speakers and maybe even set to override your mp3s. Yeah you can get a camera for a helmet but not a helmet with a built in camera and lets just forget such obviously cool shit like mini-huds.

C'mon, what the fuck?
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I have bought 367$ worth of gas this year.I could have cut something like 200$ off that if I had used a motorcycle for my daily commute.

A used bike in the 750cc range will cost me 2500-3000, around 500 for helmet and other crap. It could pay for itself in 6 years.

I keep looking at this listing, it's a bit more forward lean (aggressive posture) than I would like but probably better for a starter bike than the cruiser style I'm more attacted to.

I am concerned about my appearence, I don't want to look rediculous, I'm cared of being an outrageously fat guy on the motorbike. I remember a picture of fat kids on minibikes in advertisements for fat camps from when I was a kid and they haunt my imagination

I also want a bluetooth ear piece and I need to pay off my shrink and I need to get my truck inspected and registered, and need some more clothes and new shoes.
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I can't decide if I should buy a perm account.

I'd like one, and since I have used LJ for 4 years it's likely I'd recoup the six years worth, but I'm still hesitant, finances look like they might be a little tight for the next four months¹. I'm also not sure how comfortable I am with the new corporate masters, 6 Apart. I think I am going to regretfully pass but I am going to worry I made a lousey decision, especially each march.

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To contrast my delightful activities in the park (it's cool when people come up and ask me what I am doing and after I explain thank me for my civic contribution and wish me well).

I haven't done a craptastic thing in my yard. It's very pit like. I cling to the fantasy that I am just expessing a very native wild grassland thing but the truth is it is very hard for me to do yard work at my home. I wonder if this will change when I close on the refinance.

I've been cleaning at my truck, it needs so much work...

I was thinking of bidding the detail job out, anyone want to make 150$ to:
wash outside, using a brush to get through the grime and including the wheel wells and tires
brush entire inside (there is an insane amount of doghair), vacuum, shampoo & brush again after it's dry and vacuumed
wash all the controls & cabinets
wash windows
wash all seals on the cab and apply silicone lube to them


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