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I haven't been able to get a good picture of my dirtglyphs I make at the dog park. This is probably the best I can pull from what I have taken so far:

click on it for more

They even out a bit and look kind of like someone spread a thin layer of compost on the ground.
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I'ts good to be hale again, I have been missing taking the dogs to the park while I was sick. I'm back to my mad crop circle cultivation. The park soil is maddingly compacted and it prays upon my mine when the dogs are there (especially if a breeze blows through and a dust storm rises) so I bought an aeration fork and when I take the dogs there I spend and hour or so aerating the soil.

But I do it in interesting patterns, I did a stick figure once, a peace symbol, a couple of different geometric shapes like a trefoil and a chevron, a pseudo-futhark glyph and I even wrote "HI" but it was a lot of work and seemed kinda lame. I'm currently trying this new one where I am doing a straight line, but every time I go there I do one next to it

I should take pictures of them, but it's hard with my phone. If you are ever at bull creek look for the lines of disturbed soil.


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