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I am just blown away, I just watched this fascinating show, Going Tribal, it's a series where this english guy goes poking around the backwoods of the world and in the episode I just watched he went through a Bwiti Iboga initiation after living with the Babongo tribe of pygmies in Gabon for a month.

I had seen adverts for the series but it didn't tickle me much, another white dude with a camera crew and all his crap visiting the yokels I thought, but with no Battlestar Galactica I just watched the Discovery friday night lineup of Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs (kinda cool in and of it self), and Going Tribal. I was very much impressed.

He spent a month living with the Babongo and managed to do it without coming off like a complete prat. Then he did a full on multi-day hallucinagenic ordeal (as he put it, a days walk from the nearest road and two days from the nearest medical help) and really seemed to invest into the experience. It was fascinating, it reminded me of my most moving Acid Trips and it captured the remnants of one of the last hunter/gatherer societies that will probably vanish within the next decade or so.

I really reccomend making the time to watch it.
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Cool, the city council voted to add an ammedment to their contract with walgreens (walgreens is the contracted pharmaceutical vendor for the city) requiring they fill perscriptions even if the pharmacist doesn't want to.

I'm glad I work in a city that is actually doing something about this outrageous crap the right to life pharmacists have been pulling.

Unfortunately at the same time they are ponying over 50 million in corporate welfare to get the new samsung plant. But it at least is a fit for our community.

Dog Drugs

Jul. 13th, 2005 06:55 pm
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I switched from Sentinal pills to Heartguard chews for my dogs monthly antiworm drug. I was tired of having to fight trying to get clyde to take a pill each month, he'll eat the cheese from around them and will even spit out peanut butter covered ones (and lick the peanutbutter off). Since he's willing to eat the heartguard yummies if I give them to the other dogs I decided to go with them. Heartguard is also quite a bit cheaper and the only major difference I could find is it doesn't protect against flea infestation like sentinal does, and since I take them out slogging through the creeks and brush all the time I have to use Frontline anyways to control the adult visitors they pick up.

Unfurtunantly I left the packages sitting on the dining table and yesterday afternoon someone got one of the packages and had a little yummy vermicide snack. Fortunantly it was tipareth's pack and it had to be one of the big dogs to get it off the table so I wasn't too worried about an overdose. The thing I wasn't prepared for though was later that evening sitting on the couch watching TV, Saladin was sleeping next to me with his head pointed away from me and I discovered that a slight overdose of heartguard will cause some really RAUCHY dog farts.
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So anyone paying attention to the war for nuevo laredo?

There are two gangs fighting for control of drug trafficing route into the US through Texas, one based in Juarez/Sinaloa and the other on the Gulf coast/matmoros. The front line for their struggle is nuevo laredo, and like any good mexican drug gang they are thoroughly enmeshed in the local police. To the point that there have been shootouts between police loyal to one faction and those loyal to another.

Last week the new chief of police was shot within hours after being sworn in, then this weekend the Federales sent a convoy in to investigate and the local police ambushed them and shot one of the investigators

So then they sent in the army and LOTS of federales and flew most of the local polic to mexico city for questioning.
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Ahh the joys that are ssris

So after feeling absoloutely yucky yesterday morning I took that shower and nap then got up and went shopping, did some yard work and watched a lame sci fi movie (Alien Seige) and made some refried beans that didn't taste quite right.

In the bad days before the wonder drug there is no way I could have gone to feeling that low to feeling perky like I do this morning, I'd be in the ditch for at least the rest of the week. Instead I can essentially sleep it off, get up and start over.

I think part of my mood yesterday was the yard, it had gotten pretty jungly I kinda liked it being very natural looking, I would from time to time go through and pull unwanted interlopers and let the res grow as it would but then it started to outgrow that and got more vacant lot looking. Finally my neighbor came by and weed whacked the front strip between the sidewalk and the street. It made me feel really self-conscious and I wrought death (or at least mowing) on all in my dominion, I still need to edge some more and clear out the flower bed in front of the window but it is much more suburbanly acceptable. I think it really was ok, until it started getting hot and I didn;t want to take the time to be as selective about what was growing in my lawn.


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