May. 4th, 2009


May. 4th, 2009 09:48 pm
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I'm pretty sure we don't have to be scared of Litch until they take his teevee away.

It's time to be scared then. I took my dvr/cable box back to time warner this morning and reduced myself to just internet feed from them. It's mostly about expense control, I really like TV and find is valuable (when I can control it through a dvr) but it's not a necessity. This cuts my cable bill from ~$120/mo to ~$50/mo.

So my next set of bills should look like:
Mortage: $650
Cable: $50
MUD (Water, Sewer, Garbage): $25
Phone: $55
Insurance: $165
Electric: $105 (based on last 4 years average june bill, but possibly lower because of frugality)
Gas: $25
Motorcycle: $220

Comes out to $1300/mo
Throw in gas & food and that's probably 1500.

I usually make between $200-$500 at raak, if I could find a part time minimum wage job I might pull another 500/mo which still leaves me short. I'm probably going to have to give the bike back to the bank (which sucks, since it's the most reliable form of transportation I have and will bump up my truck's gas bill) But I just might be able to make it if I can squish out food.

Crap I forgot the dogs. At least $50/mo for their food. But since I don't have even a part time minimum wage job yet it's all academic).

people have said they want to help Below is a paypal donation button. If you can help, please contribute to sustaining me and my dogs. Should I become gainfully employed again I will pay you back when I can and pay forward an equal amount to others in need.


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