Mar. 27th, 2009

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Firewire chats: Obama youtube videos

Shruburbs: Tentcities for homeless people
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So there is some squawking going on about a new research/drug production facility being built in aggieland.

aTm is building a $75M drug production facility that is supposed to go live in 2012. It's supposed to be a state of the art small batch (1-5 million doses) fast turnover to new products facility.

The squawking is about where the money is coming from, Gov Goodhair moved $50M from a fund that is supposed to induce companies to move to texas to a different fund which is supposed to fund new partnerships between tech companies and texas universities. Then he made the grant from that fund without running it by the board that is supposed to greenlight dispersement.

I have a hard time objecting too much to this; the state is funding new construction in a crap economy, texas is getting a centrally located cutting edge flexable drug production facility, ChemEng grads at aTm are getting practical experience in building the new hot thing in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Following oversight procedure would have been better but getting the cash out the door in this economy offsets that for me.

Most of the objection seems to be a) aTm got the money rather than t.u. or one of the other systems here b) Perry seems to be angling for a building to put his name on. The first one doesn't bug me too much, aTm has a history of getting screwed when it comes to money from the state and their ChemEng people are better than anyone else in the state and some of the best in the country. The second is just what happens in politics (& universities) in Texas.


Mar. 27th, 2009 11:52 pm
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Man, now I am pissed that fox made me waste the time watching the first 5 episodes of dollhouse, the last two particularly the last one have really rocked.

Of course I love tv shows about people tripping.


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