Feb. 18th, 2009

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About 3 AM I woke up suddenly with my heart going fast and feeling anxious.

Tried to go back to sleep but determined that my bladder was full, took care of that but morpheus is being elusive.

So it's to the internet, and should that fail to be soporific, scotch and beer.

I have a phone interview tomorrow this afternoon and I am nervous about that. I really need to find something soon. I think I can cover the bills for March but April may be a bridge too far. I decided I need to pay my water bill longest, preceded by electricity, phone, gas, insurance, and internet. The problem is that the only recurring luxury I have is basic cable and it easily worth 50$ or so it costs me.

In a bright spot I actually heard from my insurance company about the truck. They value it at 2300$, they believe it has $2000 worth of damage. When damage exceeds 70% of value they treat it as totaled. Subtracting the deductable & fees they offered me a check for $1700, or they will give me $1300 and I can try to fix it myself. Since the truck is drivable it is clearly worth more than 400$ so I am going to take the short payment and see if I can hack together a new bumper.

So that money might actually carry me through April or what ever unexpected cost that will spring out in march and try to eat me.


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