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Jul. 16th, 2005 10:53 pm
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I saw this increadible wreck tonight around 7:30 at Parmer and mcneil. There were a bunch of cop cars, a firetruck, an ems truck, two ambulences and everything was shut to a trickle in all four directions.

The black truck appears to have hit the grey car hard enough it knocked it up the pole guy wrie backwards and then flipped itself to land on it's top.

It was a bitch getting pictures with my phone, it kept wanting to meter on the sky and go to dark
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I got my truck back, and it only cost me 405. He said the other plugs he could get to looked like they were in good shape but that the coolant was extreamly rusty, figured I would probably need to replace a waterpump or radiator in the next year.

I don't want to buy a new car! But from here forward I think my truck is going to cost me more and more. I was making noises a while back about getting a motorcycle and I wonder how much that would extend the life of the beast. I will still need something for groceries, lousey weather, taking the dogs places, and thatsort of thing. I want a car co-op damn it.
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Bubbeling fetid crap.

Rational called about my truck, it seems like a freeze plug on the back of the engine rusted out and that's what caused my engine to overheat. Unfortunately there are only two ways to get to that plug, either pull the engine (3k) or cut a hole in the firewall and pound it in that way (300). The problem is if one plug is bad, the rest (~10) are probably close to ruined too. Of course they're alost all in similarly inaccessable location. And to add the creamy suprise at the end, there's no way of knowing until the cutting a hole in the firewall, replacing the plug, mending the hole in the firewall and repressurising the system to find out if the head gasket is ruptured.


May. 31st, 2005 06:26 pm
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I am afraid I fucked up my truck engine. I was late getting back to work from lunch and just kept driving it even though it had started making scary noises. The A/C went out on my way home for lunch, but I just figured it wasn't draining well and had frozen up, when I got home it was hissing and I smelled antifreeze which didn't really fit with the freezing idea but there was plent of coolant in the reservoir and everything looked ok.

It started up and drove fine, a/c stopped again half down parmer, but I was late and just turned it off. Merged onto mopac and noticed it was making noises, valve clatter when I accelerate like I hear when I let the oil get a little low but I just topped off the oil late last week. Started to worry that I had put too much in and it was frothing from the crankshaft, but the oil pressure was fine. The check engine light came on and I thought about pulling over but I was less than a mile from work and twitching about being late. I pulled into the garage and parked and as I got out it was making the full blow overheating sounds and fog show.

My thermometer gage has been dead for well over a year, but it seemed a pretty minor thing I could put off. I'd still have the idiot light. Guess my thermostat died. What I am really scared of is that in pushing it to get to work I blew the head gasket.
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To contrast my delightful activities in the park (it's cool when people come up and ask me what I am doing and after I explain thank me for my civic contribution and wish me well).

I haven't done a craptastic thing in my yard. It's very pit like. I cling to the fantasy that I am just expessing a very native wild grassland thing but the truth is it is very hard for me to do yard work at my home. I wonder if this will change when I close on the refinance.

I've been cleaning at my truck, it needs so much work...

I was thinking of bidding the detail job out, anyone want to make 150$ to:
wash outside, using a brush to get through the grime and including the wheel wells and tires
brush entire inside (there is an insane amount of doghair), vacuum, shampoo & brush again after it's dry and vacuumed
wash all the controls & cabinets
wash windows
wash all seals on the cab and apply silicone lube to them


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