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So you heard the latest thing they are trying to frighten you about and make you buy new stuff?

Don't Drink Water from a HOSE! it's poisonous

Here's the scoop from consumer reports (link).

Esentially the concern is trace amounts of lead (used as a softener for pvc hoses) which could leach into the water, as well as any pathogens that might have bread or chemical contaminants it might have picked up. If the water is running and anything standing has been flushed out it's negligable.
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My a/c wasn't cooling well, so fearing that it had frozen up I checked the filter and found it needed changing, replaced it with a new one and turned off the A/c and left the fan on to melt any ice blockage and poured some bleach down the drain to kill any mold that might be backing up the tube.

It kept cutting out, so afraid it was over heating the fan I turned everything to off. It went off but it kept pulsing like it was trying to turn on than changing it's mind. After 5-10 minutes it stopped that and I decided I'd call strand tomorrow to come look at it (I was wonder what was going to cost me 400$ this month).

After half an hour I tried to turn the fan back on, nothing.

Checked all the breakers, found a gfci that had popped (but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the HVAC, it's something for the bath I believe) and reset it. Still nothing.

Took the front panel off and it looks like there is power getting there (there's an LED on the circuit board that's lit up) but discovered a puddle of water at the bottom. Mopped it up and when I checked the new filter found it was full of water as well, pulled it, poured the water out and left it out to dry, poked around as much as I was comfortable but couldn't figure out the secret to making the fan come on.

It's 82 in the house, 92 outside and expected to rise until it hits 100 sometime this evening.
Edit6:15 and it is 86 in here and 99 outside (according to joebot)
Edit8:30 and it is 87 in here and 92 outside (according to joebot)


Jul. 6th, 2005 05:20 pm
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Driving in to work this afternoon I saw a whirlwind on the side of southbound mopac, just north of braker. It was large, playing in the cut grass on the hill after the offramp. It was delightful to see it and I was struck with how pleasent summer in central Texas can be. The long baking heat, interspersed with enough wretched humidity that it doesn't get too dry for the grasses and hardy trees. Huge cloud structures, titanic dollops of whipped creme floating through pale blue skies. Walking from the underground niche of the parking garage into the building I found the second monarch I've seen this summer, it was fluttering around the door into the building.

Everything in summer seems to slow down here. I imagine it is in part a legacy of the fact austin was a college/part time government town for so many years. It is less so than it used to be but it still permeates the soul of the town.
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Took the pups to barton springs, the area just down from the pool proper

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So after my hot day in the park sunday (a self-portrait from the walk when I was taking a break in a cool shady grotto, val says I look like a pervert). I spent sunday evening hanging out at [ profile] sphinxie's pool with her, lily and [ profile] sheilagh then drove home in the absolutely delicious air. It was cool and humid and there was a fullmoon and the sun was just setting. So I did a very texas thing and stopped by Dairy Queen onmy way home. I really liked the light that evening.
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I decided to give the doggies a hot day in the park and see myself how much I can handle. I got out to the bull creek around 2:30 and we wandered the park and played with the dogs then we set off up the trails for the first time in weeks. We wandered around in the back wood, mostly sliding through the ceder tunnels and enjoying being out of the sun. Finally decided to head off up to the creek and look for a place to swim. We walked up past 360 and almost to the falls by the third entrance when I decided to cut across the creek and back along that part that was away from the highway.

I was really hoping I'd find a place I'd feel comfortable skinny dipping, but there were just too many people there, I took the second best option and sat down dressed in a place deep enough to float me in a small grotto that was out of way enough I didn't have any immediate neighbors. Sat and relaxed a while then continued on to the second toilets (and trash cans) where I could toss my now empty sonic cherry slush cup.

Decided that was as far as I was getting myself and briefly considering calling someone to ask for a ride back to my truck decided to head back to the car. Took the higher route and got a little light headed walking up hill but the rest was pretty much down hill or level and didn't have any problems. Sucked on the waterfountain when I got back to the park for a while and the we all tiredly crawled in the truck and headed for home. I got some serious tired doggies after a good four hours in the park in the hot sun.


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