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I am just blown away, I just watched this fascinating show, Going Tribal, it's a series where this english guy goes poking around the backwoods of the world and in the episode I just watched he went through a Bwiti Iboga initiation after living with the Babongo tribe of pygmies in Gabon for a month.

I had seen adverts for the series but it didn't tickle me much, another white dude with a camera crew and all his crap visiting the yokels I thought, but with no Battlestar Galactica I just watched the Discovery friday night lineup of Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs (kinda cool in and of it self), and Going Tribal. I was very much impressed.

He spent a month living with the Babongo and managed to do it without coming off like a complete prat. Then he did a full on multi-day hallucinagenic ordeal (as he put it, a days walk from the nearest road and two days from the nearest medical help) and really seemed to invest into the experience. It was fascinating, it reminded me of my most moving Acid Trips and it captured the remnants of one of the last hunter/gatherer societies that will probably vanish within the next decade or so.

I really reccomend making the time to watch it.

Rescue Me

Aug. 8th, 2005 10:40 pm
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So I haven't gushed recently about it but the new Dennis Leary show on FX Rescue Me rocks like something unreal. It's crisp, emotional, out of control, wrenching, hilarious, poingant, and engaging. It's like a meta conversation about why Leary's comedy is funny, the anger and the pain that lays behind it and that give it meaning. The show talks about things that matter, in particular it's evolving increadble exposition on christianity just blows me away and I'm almost devoutly anti-christian. And it manages to do that and still continues to be fun to watch. It is definately a series I am buying on DVD.


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