Jun. 21st, 2005 06:37 pm
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I've started fishing through the available materiel on helmets, I was hoping someone has come up with something I've been wanting for a while but I can't find it. I used to ride three wheelers as a kid so I've spent a lot of time in them and not approaching this from a completely theoretical point of view. It seems that in the last decade the biggest advancement in helmets is the leap from fiberglass to kevlar on the highend buckets. whoop.

I want a helmet that augments my senses. At a very minimum they should have headlights on them but there's so much more your could do. You can buy helmet speakers but why the hell hasn't anyone ever put a pair of microphones on the out side of one? It seems like something you might want to be able to route in to your speakers and maybe even set to override your mp3s. Yeah you can get a camera for a helmet but not a helmet with a built in camera and lets just forget such obviously cool shit like mini-huds.

C'mon, what the fuck?
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I have bought 367$ worth of gas this year.I could have cut something like 200$ off that if I had used a motorcycle for my daily commute.

A used bike in the 750cc range will cost me 2500-3000, around 500 for helmet and other crap. It could pay for itself in 6 years.

I keep looking at this listing, it's a bit more forward lean (aggressive posture) than I would like but probably better for a starter bike than the cruiser style I'm more attacted to.

I am concerned about my appearence, I don't want to look rediculous, I'm cared of being an outrageously fat guy on the motorbike. I remember a picture of fat kids on minibikes in advertisements for fat camps from when I was a kid and they haunt my imagination

I also want a bluetooth ear piece and I need to pay off my shrink and I need to get my truck inspected and registered, and need some more clothes and new shoes.
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I got my truck back, and it only cost me 405. He said the other plugs he could get to looked like they were in good shape but that the coolant was extreamly rusty, figured I would probably need to replace a waterpump or radiator in the next year.

I don't want to buy a new car! But from here forward I think my truck is going to cost me more and more. I was making noises a while back about getting a motorcycle and I wonder how much that would extend the life of the beast. I will still need something for groceries, lousey weather, taking the dogs places, and thatsort of thing. I want a car co-op damn it.



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