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holy fucking crap, I have gotten up and gone into the kitchen three times and everytime I get there I can't figure out what I want, twice I have decided to just order a pizza but I don't do it and start fiddling on the net, loose track, and get up to go get something from the kitchen

I wish I knew what he fuck I want, I don't think I am hungry really, though the only thing I have had to eat today is a vending machine bag of doritos and a small egg salad sandwich from thundercloud. I kinda want a drink, but all I have is southern comfort and I am all out of dr. pepper. The thought of getting up and going to a store strikes me as particularly lame.

I think I am lonely, I was hoping someone would be up for an evening of xbox, videos or board games but I don't want to leave the house and the comfort of my dogs. I am looking forward to seeing people at Amelia's party tomorrow, and don't want to feel guilty about leaving them at home so I want to spend as much time with them until then.

So I think I am going to order a pizza, get them to bring a bottle of dp and watch tv

text me if you wanna come and hang out this evening


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