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I didn't get to the dog park in time for the tai chi class this morning (durn [ profile] luxcannon and his silver tongue), but I had misremembered and today was the first workday for the Bull Creek Park Foundation. I got there early enough to give a couple hours to help build the retaining wall they're working on to preserve the topsoil on the trail down to the ford. They'd already moved the large rocks into postion and were filling in around them with rocks from the creek. I raked up small rocks in the stream bed into piles, sholved the wet rocks (and not a little amount of water) into a wheel barrow, they pushed the wheel barrow up the hill and around behind the big rocks for an hour and half maybe two.

Then it got too hot to do that kind of work so the pups and I walked the high cedar trail on the back of the creek then we played at the ford with other doggies and wandered here and there seeing dogs and generally having much doggy exhaustion making.

Back now and my house is a marvel of quiet, deeply tired dogs.

I feel so proud of myself. I put in a good bit of hard work, then took a fair walk in the warm (and a touch muggy) late morn and I feel wonderful from it. I have tired in my muscles and there will be some sore tonight (particularly in my underused shoulders) but I don't feel exhausted or in pain. I feel centered and almost as if I am humming in tune with the universe.
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The pups and I managed to get out to the park early enough that I felt up to trying the entire bull creek trail from the dog park to spicewood springs. We got out there around 8 and puttered around and played with the other doggies, I finished my first liter of water and we shared some jerky. I almost didn't do it because while we were wandering around the creek before getting on the trail I slipped and fell in a hole. I was afraid I'd soaked my phone (nope) or wallet (a little), but decided I was going to do it so off we went at a good clip.

For some reason this summer my back has gone south on me, I have to stop, sit and rest my back after a kilometer or so. I tried to tough it out earlier this summer but that was just bad, I would be in such serious hurt that I couldn't do much the next day or two. Now when I feel my back start to hurt I walk a bit more then stop and sit for 5 minutes or so and I seem good to go. I really need to start stength training my back. I remember the last time I did any weight training (when I lived in boulder) within a month or two of doing "good morning"s & other back worh 3X a week it made an utterly amazing change in my ability to do all kinds of endurance activities.
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I first did weight watchers as a kid. We'd moved to Alaska when I was 7 up until then my weight was normal, maybe a bit chubby but well within the first standard deviation. Up there with the cold response weight gain and the lack of exercise that comes from being inside all the time (even when the weather was good there were bears) I really put on the weight.

So my mom and I started weight watchers, I lost ~20 pounds but put it & more back on. Then my parents sent me to a Weight Watcher's fat camp for a summer (an experience I described here), where I lost 40 pounds, but then put it back on and more when I came back.

I really didn't like it that much, I've heard they've changed a lot but it did not really allow for enjoyment of food that is an essential part of what makes this entire life thing worth bothering with in the first place. More likely it is the negative associations I got from back then but regardless I am just not going to go there.

I am going to try to eat ~2.5kcal a day, and on the days I don't not sweat it too much. Focus on a protein rich, low fat died and try to go for complex carbs.

Oh yeah and I am going to record what I eat (and the exercise I do) here [ profile] foodandsweat, you're welcome to post there too if you want.
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So the doctor is now thinking I am just suffering from a prostate infection, which can cause kidney pain. Extended my antibiotic script for 2 weeks (bojemoi!). However all the scanning has shown that I have a Porcelain Gallblader. Entirely unlike a glass jaw, it's like a gall stone, though instead of building up into a stone the materiel starts lining the walls of the gall bladder. It has a strong association with gall bladder cancer and prophylactic cholecystectomy is generally reccomended.

I am not sure I am down with that, a casual shuffle through google shows that there is some question about how much linkage there actually is and I am decidely uncool with people cutting me open and removing bits of my guts unless it is urgent.
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I thought I posted this last night, but apparently not.

My doctor said she didn't see any stones in my kidneys on the ct scan. She thinks the pain might be because of gall stones instead, but those don't show up on ct scan so I need to go in today at 3 for an ultrasound. There's still something up because of the blood in my urine but not sure what.

Unlike the ct scan I have to fast before the ultrasound, no food or water for three more hours.

I didn't take any vicodin this morning, doesn't seem to hurt too bad just sore.

Between the two though, I am kinda grouchy. Also feeling a bit loggy from too much sleep last night.

I feel like I've been a whiner and built up this big thing about my kidney stones when I don't really have them. It's making me doubt most of my sense reports.
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I'm fixing myself one of my favorite snacks, baked frozen breaded cream cheese stuffed chipotles. They are a bit spicy but not too bad and very much worth the burn. I am expecially pleased because they're the first thing I've been hungry for since friday, all I ate yesterday was half a seafood salad sandwich, a cup of yogurt (to help cope with the anti-biotic I'm taking) and some crackers. Wasn't hungry this morning but my back was aching enough for me to eat some more seafood salad so I could take the vicodin (tends to make me nauseous on an emtpy stomach).

I was getting worried about not getting hungry, primed the pump a bit but finally I actually have an appetite. Now I can take a second pill cause my back is still a bit woogy.


Jul. 30th, 2005 09:01 pm
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Monday I noticed my lower back was starting to hurt and peeing felt wierd. I'd suddenly need to go so badly it hurt, then not being able to generate more than a couple good splashes.

I started drinking more water and hoping it would pass but it has been escalating pretty steadily. The other night I woke up with a need to pee in the middle of the night with a sharp ache like someone had kicked me. Finally gave in and called the doctor yesterday and got to see her this morning. Damn good thing, I had a bitch of a time getting to sleep last night night, not just my back but my front hip too.

She said I'm bleeding into my urine, it's probably a kidney stone and I need get a spiral CT to verify that, find out where it is, how big it is and if there is an infection with it (that would be bad). Since I was only gimping around and not writhing on the floor she figured it could wait until monday and gave me an antibiotic and some vicodin es to keep me until then with instuctions that if I spike a fever, start puking, or otherwise get much worse go to the nearest ER.

I took a couple vicodin this morning and felt much better, Good enough I went out to take care of a couple things this afternoon, unfortunantly after a while I started feeling like crap and sweating profusely. Went home scared, but after lying down a bit and cooling off I felt better. There was a warning on the antibiotic about sunsensitivity and I think that was what that was about, but I can't find a frigging thermometer.


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