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I have developed a serious habit of the HEB wood fired frozen italian pizzas. They're definate yum, I don't like the sauce on most frozen pizza, these are often very minamalist and not always red. They've got some odder types, I really like the artichoke heart and the gorgonzola and apple, but the quatro fromage is my favortie. Hard to beat fo 5$, but the thing that is really wierd is they are made in Italy, frozen, and shipped to central texas.
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frozen pie crust
2 eggs
1 c goats milk
2 tblsps ½&½
4 oz cheese
cup of frozen green beens
half an onion
tsp of horse radish
salt and pepper

sweat onion and set out piecrust to thaw, arrange beans radially into the center (make it easier to cut), cover with onions then shredded cheese, whisk eggs, dairy, and seasoning, pour into crust

make 40 minutes in a 350 oven


Texas Rice

Sep. 7th, 2005 09:35 pm
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1/2 an onion, chopped
1/3 pound of ground chuck
3/4 c rice
2 beers
3 tablesoons chili powder
salt and pepper

sweat onion until it is soft and transperent
saute beef in onions over medium until brown
mix in chili powder, salt and pepper
slowly add beer and bring to a boil
stir in rice, cover tightly, reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes

(tonight I used a cup of rice and 2 cups of water instead of the beer, was going to use some red wine but it had turned to vinager)


Aug. 27th, 2005 08:23 pm
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I hate measuring when I cook

I cook by feel and this measuring crap is annoying the fuck out of me. It is the one thing I am really unhappy about when it comes to losing weight

My quiche I am cooking tonight:
1 premade 9" crust 960 (probably closer to 850 because I trimmed off the rim that had gotten messed up)
2.5oz paramsagna reggiano 275
2.25oz asiago 270
3eggs 210
1c goatsmilk 140
½c ½&½ 80 (last 3 combined but I could only get about half in the shell)
half an onion 32
2.5 oz green beans 40
medium pinch of salt
dash of peper

bake at 300 for 50 minutes

1682 calories

if I were going to do it again I would use less cheese and custard
1.5 oz of each cheese
2 eggs
½c of goatsmilk
¼c ½&½
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Took the pups out to the park this morning, I keep hoping I will actually get my shit together and get there before it gets hot but didn't actually get there until a little after 9. Sat and watched the tai chi class that happens on the south side court and ate breakfast (fruit and nut trail mix) and drank a liter of water, refilled the bottle and hiked up the trail to the falls and back, stopped to rest twice because my lower back is tweaky but did the loop in under an hour. Two weeks from now is the first trail workday since the spring and it really needs it. Gotten over grown and rutted.

The dogs are much calmer. I hope this lasts most of the day
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So I recently added a couple shows to my ReplayTV's record list.

Stranded and No Reservation, both on the travel channel, and it's the first time I've had much use for the channel.

Stranded's conceit is they dump the host (Cash Peters) in the middle of someplace with no money and no idea where he is and he has to beg food, entertainment, and sleeping space off the strangers there. I really like the idea, very much the kind of thing I envision when I think of "Travel" and it does give you a better sense of what the vibe is like in the places he goes. I keep wondering about the cameraman and any other crew for the show though, the fact of their existence can't escape my attention (even though it's obvious the producers would like us too) what do they do for food and lodging? And somehow their presence makes his travails just a bit too put on. Cash Peters is engaging and funny, with a lovely lovely voice but he's a bit of a whiney prat.

No Reservation is a cook's Travel Show. The host, Tony Bourdain, is evidently a noted cook in new york that started writing a travel column and a couple of books. I like his take on travel for food's sake and I got hooked on his first episode where explored the wilds of darkest New Jersey, he had Mario Batelle as a suprise guest and had an interesting exposition on the evolution of food there. The best part was when he went to a craft cheese farm there (farms in Jersey, who'da thunk) and the passionate engineer turned cheese farmer. I like the snarky attitude of his but it wears a bit after a while.

The other stuff I watch regularly is House, Scrubs (basterds who run it conflicting with House), Battlestar Galactica, Rescue Me, Daily Show, and Good Eats. I will still watch CSI but it's starting to drag a bit (the original, the others suck), Law and Order turned to crap, West Wing keeps trying but has gotten too removed from reality to really have the impact it did originally. PBS's Frontline hasn't moved me lately like it used to and Nova has been pretty pedestrian. Still worth checking out but not like the best shows of the past. (Damn Republicans)
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I first did weight watchers as a kid. We'd moved to Alaska when I was 7 up until then my weight was normal, maybe a bit chubby but well within the first standard deviation. Up there with the cold response weight gain and the lack of exercise that comes from being inside all the time (even when the weather was good there were bears) I really put on the weight.

So my mom and I started weight watchers, I lost ~20 pounds but put it & more back on. Then my parents sent me to a Weight Watcher's fat camp for a summer (an experience I described here), where I lost 40 pounds, but then put it back on and more when I came back.

I really didn't like it that much, I've heard they've changed a lot but it did not really allow for enjoyment of food that is an essential part of what makes this entire life thing worth bothering with in the first place. More likely it is the negative associations I got from back then but regardless I am just not going to go there.

I am going to try to eat ~2.5kcal a day, and on the days I don't not sweat it too much. Focus on a protein rich, low fat died and try to go for complex carbs.

Oh yeah and I am going to record what I eat (and the exercise I do) here [ profile] foodandsweat, you're welcome to post there too if you want.
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I'm 6' and weigh 350 pounds, wear size 56 pants and I'm tired of it. I've decided I'm going to lose weight by dieting and exercise. When I lost my appetite for few days after my kidney issue it help set the tone and so I've been trying to moderate my food intake since my birthday. It's harder than I thought, I've been trying to be aware of my emotional & physical sensations when I eat and noticed how often I eat out of boredom and lonliness. I've known that but I thought I had gotten passed that, guess not.

I need to get a scale and start recording what I eat and the exercise I do but I am uncomfortable with the thought of doing that here. I am afraid of losing people's intrest, no, I am afriad of failing and having to confront that. That's a subset of my larger fear, I've tried losing weight before & (as is painfully obvious) never suceeded in keeping it off.

I had given up on trying some time before I married Nancy, the evidence against yo-yoing was pretty clear and I was doing too much "once I lose weight I'll..." & never doing anything. I changed my goals to just trying to eat nutriously and stay active. This was actually a pretty viable strategy for me, my weight settled at 333 and stayed there no matter what I ate & did. Then in the last year of our marriage I ballooned up to 360ish and bounced around within 5-10 pounds of that ever since.

Now I am going to get back on the weight loss horse and I'm terrified of failing again. Not about failing to lose weight so much as failing to be able to manifest my will. I believe that if I can't keep the weight off this time it will be my last attempt.
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my disposal died a week or two ago, I just flipped the switch and it didn't come on. I poked around at the wires, made sure the ciruit breaker hadn't tripped but nothing happened. Since a new one is going to be 150$+ I've not been too hepped up to do anything about it, just throwing stuff in the trash more than I would have thrown down the sink and running lots of water when I do throw stuff in there.

Enfortunantly something I threw down there seems to have taken root:
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I'm fixing myself one of my favorite snacks, baked frozen breaded cream cheese stuffed chipotles. They are a bit spicy but not too bad and very much worth the burn. I am expecially pleased because they're the first thing I've been hungry for since friday, all I ate yesterday was half a seafood salad sandwich, a cup of yogurt (to help cope with the anti-biotic I'm taking) and some crackers. Wasn't hungry this morning but my back was aching enough for me to eat some more seafood salad so I could take the vicodin (tends to make me nauseous on an emtpy stomach).

I was getting worried about not getting hungry, primed the pump a bit but finally I actually have an appetite. Now I can take a second pill cause my back is still a bit woogy.
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holy fucking crap, I have gotten up and gone into the kitchen three times and everytime I get there I can't figure out what I want, twice I have decided to just order a pizza but I don't do it and start fiddling on the net, loose track, and get up to go get something from the kitchen

I wish I knew what he fuck I want, I don't think I am hungry really, though the only thing I have had to eat today is a vending machine bag of doritos and a small egg salad sandwich from thundercloud. I kinda want a drink, but all I have is southern comfort and I am all out of dr. pepper. The thought of getting up and going to a store strikes me as particularly lame.

I think I am lonely, I was hoping someone would be up for an evening of xbox, videos or board games but I don't want to leave the house and the comfort of my dogs. I am looking forward to seeing people at Amelia's party tomorrow, and don't want to feel guilty about leaving them at home so I want to spend as much time with them until then.

So I think I am going to order a pizza, get them to bring a bottle of dp and watch tv

text me if you wanna come and hang out this evening


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