Sep. 26th, 2005 09:42 am
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So having spent most of the day yesterday sitting around the house and being bored I decided to take the pups out to the park around 6 and play with the rocks some more. Started sorting a different pile and everything was going along peachy when I got a bit enthusiastic and set to moving a boulder near the upper limit of what I could do. Limestone boulders, unlike granite or other rocks that usually make boulders, have a lot of edges. So rolling one is usually a matter of thumping heaves from one face to another. I was heaving on the aforementioned rock and had rolled it at least one full revolution and nearly had it to where I wanted it. I got it up off the ground and onto an edge and repositioned my left hand further down to get a grip and complete the roll when it started to rock back. Not wanting to risk my toes (did I mention I was wearing tevas? failed that stupidity roll), or more honestly not wanting to lose the effort I'd put into moving it, I pushed back but my hand wasn't in a good position and I hyperextended my left forefinger. Thinking to myself "oh, thant's going to hurt later" I rolled my hand into a fist and pushed (resulting in a disturbingly loud crunch from my knuckle) through the movement. Didn't hurt too much so I figured I probably didn't break it. Spent another half hour sorting and finally went home and iced it up real good.

Got up this morning and it is not particulary swollen, I can move it through most of my range of movement though it is a little stiff and sore. Kinda interfered in my typing and I would want to have to depend on that hand to grab a rail if I slipped in a stairwell but that's about it.
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so as I noted, I spent the morning moving around big piles of rocks
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I didn't get to the dog park in time for the tai chi class this morning (durn [ profile] luxcannon and his silver tongue), but I had misremembered and today was the first workday for the Bull Creek Park Foundation. I got there early enough to give a couple hours to help build the retaining wall they're working on to preserve the topsoil on the trail down to the ford. They'd already moved the large rocks into postion and were filling in around them with rocks from the creek. I raked up small rocks in the stream bed into piles, sholved the wet rocks (and not a little amount of water) into a wheel barrow, they pushed the wheel barrow up the hill and around behind the big rocks for an hour and half maybe two.

Then it got too hot to do that kind of work so the pups and I walked the high cedar trail on the back of the creek then we played at the ford with other doggies and wandered here and there seeing dogs and generally having much doggy exhaustion making.

Back now and my house is a marvel of quiet, deeply tired dogs.

I feel so proud of myself. I put in a good bit of hard work, then took a fair walk in the warm (and a touch muggy) late morn and I feel wonderful from it. I have tired in my muscles and there will be some sore tonight (particularly in my underused shoulders) but I don't feel exhausted or in pain. I feel centered and almost as if I am humming in tune with the universe.
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Took the pups to barton springs, the area just down from the pool proper

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I haven't been able to get a good picture of my dirtglyphs I make at the dog park. This is probably the best I can pull from what I have taken so far:

click on it for more

They even out a bit and look kind of like someone spread a thin layer of compost on the ground.
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So after my hot day in the park sunday (a self-portrait from the walk when I was taking a break in a cool shady grotto, val says I look like a pervert). I spent sunday evening hanging out at [ profile] sphinxie's pool with her, lily and [ profile] sheilagh then drove home in the absolutely delicious air. It was cool and humid and there was a fullmoon and the sun was just setting. So I did a very texas thing and stopped by Dairy Queen onmy way home. I really liked the light that evening.
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I decided to give the doggies a hot day in the park and see myself how much I can handle. I got out to the bull creek around 2:30 and we wandered the park and played with the dogs then we set off up the trails for the first time in weeks. We wandered around in the back wood, mostly sliding through the ceder tunnels and enjoying being out of the sun. Finally decided to head off up to the creek and look for a place to swim. We walked up past 360 and almost to the falls by the third entrance when I decided to cut across the creek and back along that part that was away from the highway.

I was really hoping I'd find a place I'd feel comfortable skinny dipping, but there were just too many people there, I took the second best option and sat down dressed in a place deep enough to float me in a small grotto that was out of way enough I didn't have any immediate neighbors. Sat and relaxed a while then continued on to the second toilets (and trash cans) where I could toss my now empty sonic cherry slush cup.

Decided that was as far as I was getting myself and briefly considering calling someone to ask for a ride back to my truck decided to head back to the car. Took the higher route and got a little light headed walking up hill but the rest was pretty much down hill or level and didn't have any problems. Sucked on the waterfountain when I got back to the park for a while and the we all tiredly crawled in the truck and headed for home. I got some serious tired doggies after a good four hours in the park in the hot sun.
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I'ts good to be hale again, I have been missing taking the dogs to the park while I was sick. I'm back to my mad crop circle cultivation. The park soil is maddingly compacted and it prays upon my mine when the dogs are there (especially if a breeze blows through and a dust storm rises) so I bought an aeration fork and when I take the dogs there I spend and hour or so aerating the soil.

But I do it in interesting patterns, I did a stick figure once, a peace symbol, a couple of different geometric shapes like a trefoil and a chevron, a pseudo-futhark glyph and I even wrote "HI" but it was a lot of work and seemed kinda lame. I'm currently trying this new one where I am doing a straight line, but every time I go there I do one next to it

I should take pictures of them, but it's hard with my phone. If you are ever at bull creek look for the lines of disturbed soil.


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