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more like it (the baphomet stereogram is especially nifter) here
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So I recently added a couple shows to my ReplayTV's record list.

Stranded and No Reservation, both on the travel channel, and it's the first time I've had much use for the channel.

Stranded's conceit is they dump the host (Cash Peters) in the middle of someplace with no money and no idea where he is and he has to beg food, entertainment, and sleeping space off the strangers there. I really like the idea, very much the kind of thing I envision when I think of "Travel" and it does give you a better sense of what the vibe is like in the places he goes. I keep wondering about the cameraman and any other crew for the show though, the fact of their existence can't escape my attention (even though it's obvious the producers would like us too) what do they do for food and lodging? And somehow their presence makes his travails just a bit too put on. Cash Peters is engaging and funny, with a lovely lovely voice but he's a bit of a whiney prat.

No Reservation is a cook's Travel Show. The host, Tony Bourdain, is evidently a noted cook in new york that started writing a travel column and a couple of books. I like his take on travel for food's sake and I got hooked on his first episode where explored the wilds of darkest New Jersey, he had Mario Batelle as a suprise guest and had an interesting exposition on the evolution of food there. The best part was when he went to a craft cheese farm there (farms in Jersey, who'da thunk) and the passionate engineer turned cheese farmer. I like the snarky attitude of his but it wears a bit after a while.

The other stuff I watch regularly is House, Scrubs (basterds who run it conflicting with House), Battlestar Galactica, Rescue Me, Daily Show, and Good Eats. I will still watch CSI but it's starting to drag a bit (the original, the others suck), Law and Order turned to crap, West Wing keeps trying but has gotten too removed from reality to really have the impact it did originally. PBS's Frontline hasn't moved me lately like it used to and Nova has been pretty pedestrian. Still worth checking out but not like the best shows of the past. (Damn Republicans)
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They're cannonizing Hunter S. Thompson this Saturday.

I intend to raise a toast in his memory.

Rescue Me

Aug. 8th, 2005 10:40 pm
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So I haven't gushed recently about it but the new Dennis Leary show on FX Rescue Me rocks like something unreal. It's crisp, emotional, out of control, wrenching, hilarious, poingant, and engaging. It's like a meta conversation about why Leary's comedy is funny, the anger and the pain that lays behind it and that give it meaning. The show talks about things that matter, in particular it's evolving increadble exposition on christianity just blows me away and I'm almost devoutly anti-christian. And it manages to do that and still continues to be fun to watch. It is definately a series I am buying on DVD.
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I really like political cartoons, at their best they manage to say trenchant, acute, illuminating expositions on our society. It can humanize the wonky policy debates and remote principles into something real and emotional. I regularly read which has some of the best. It also has an amazing amount of crap, particularly the right wing cartoons, every once in a while someone on the right draws a good one but for the most part they are lame, stupid of screamingly inane. Chuck Asay from the Colorado Springs Gazette is a particularly egregious example of a bad right wing political cartoonist.

On the other hand Kirk Anderson really blows me away on a regular basis,
like this example )
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I'ts good to be hale again, I have been missing taking the dogs to the park while I was sick. I'm back to my mad crop circle cultivation. The park soil is maddingly compacted and it prays upon my mine when the dogs are there (especially if a breeze blows through and a dust storm rises) so I bought an aeration fork and when I take the dogs there I spend and hour or so aerating the soil.

But I do it in interesting patterns, I did a stick figure once, a peace symbol, a couple of different geometric shapes like a trefoil and a chevron, a pseudo-futhark glyph and I even wrote "HI" but it was a lot of work and seemed kinda lame. I'm currently trying this new one where I am doing a straight line, but every time I go there I do one next to it

I should take pictures of them, but it's hard with my phone. If you are ever at bull creek look for the lines of disturbed soil.


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