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I uploaded the pictures I took at the dogpark saturday to a bunch of different photo sharing sites to get an idea of how well they worked.

Uploading ~ 20 pictures from an ubuntu 8.10 workstation

Scapbook/ is the one I have typically used because of my LJ account. It worked fairly well thought I had to install a perl xml library to run the fotoup script in order to do batch uploads. It's got good integration with LJ but doesn't share with other social media as nicely.

Facebook would only let up load 1 image at a time, they have a javascript advanced upload tool but despite multiple attempts I could never get it to work. It also is not as friendly about sharing as I would like.

flickr had the same upload issues (I am pretty sure it is something wrong in ubuntu) I was particularly disappointed because flickr has the best sharing tools of any of the sites

picasa/google images was by far the best tool. I was able to not only upload the pix automatically but I cloud clean them up and do simple manipulation and then it autosynced them online. I was very pleased with the interface and it integrated nicely with other google stuff (particularly google maps). It doesn't play as nicely with external non-google things but it works so well I may make the effort to try to integrate it.


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