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poll of austin looking at the mayor's race and some local issues

Essentially a 3 way tie between Lee, Brewster, & Carole. I tend to like Brewster (for almost pure ageist reasons) but it's hard to tell him from Lee. However undecided is polling higher than Carole so it could be anyone's guess though I hope by all that we hold dear they are undecided between the guys, if we let her mack in office we deserve to be flushed down the colorado.

The interesting part are the minutia that the survey yields.
Age seems to be the biggest determinant of who likes who; old people like lee, middle aged like brewster, and young people are stupid enough to support carole.

Race dispersal is wierd. I have no idea why Carole is doing so will with minorities, particularly hispanics. She is doing better than either of the two guys, though brewster seem to be doing better than lee with blacks and reversed with hispanics.

Brewster seem particularly week in the north part of town, I haven't seen many of his signs up here, dunno is that is cause or effect.

Seems like the richer half are going for lee, but why on earth are the poorer going for carole?

They gave people a 4 way choice of what most influences their vote with options of; transportation, business/job growth, sustainable growth, or bridging economic disparity. It could have been a potentially interesting question but the way it looks like it was phrased just sucks. However it does have the best demographics analysis.

There is a surprising significant gender gap when it comes to those who selected transportation, it's much more important to men than women. It was the second highest issue for men but by far last for women, and all of the others had higher female responses than male ones, This response is probably the single most surprising thing for me in this study.

On the other hand if you break down the answer according to age, transportation is MUCH more important to the younger (under 40) voters than the other groups who are most concerned about job creation. Geographically there is not much difference though people in the north were a more concerned with job growth and less concerned with economic disparity than the rest of town.

There is strong support for expanding commuter rail. Unsurprisingly carole supports are more likely to be against it than for it, though by less than I would have expected. More women then men support it (though it seems kind of weird that it isn't as important when it comes to influencing votes). There is a definite age bias when it comes to rail, the older someone is the less they are to support it.

Tax incentives to attract new buisnesses is pretty unpopular all the way around the community.
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