Apr. 13th, 2009

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Great post on what is probably going on. Calling it a "glitch" is just inane, They have been getting & responding to complaints since August, from complainers that should be respected since at least February, and everything came to a head over easter weekend.

This is enemy action, an exploit of Amazon's system by an group of rabid fundies.

It's a skirmish in the culture war, and a really poor one strategically.

The fundies found a way to insinuate some poison into one of their enemies lines of supply. If they'd kept it low-key it might have done some long term damage but they got greedy and went for the showy big deal and now their enemy has gotten suspicious of that supplier and are going to demand testing and better security. All the other suppliers are going to have to follow suit and harden their operations.

Edit: as much as I like my enemy action theory, this post has some awfully compelling evidence. From what I can make out from this blog it was some guy who picked overly broad meta-data terms to block searches on.

THe lingering question is "Why has this been going on since August/February?" The suggested answer is that this is a common error that gets corrected, then made again, corrected, etc.
Pretty clear that no one in amazon management listens to the indians they offshore their customer service out to.


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