Feb. 28th, 2009

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Forsooth I saw this post on [livejournal.com profile] doggypictures and it smelled a bit off so I started poking at it.

I've vaguely heard of brickfish but never enough to pay attention to it. It's a marketing company that works through social media like like our livejournal. In and of itself that's not necessarily a bad thing (other than marketing is inherently a black art and all who practice it are evil). But one of my necessities for social media marketing is transparency. I have a couple of lj friends who promote things for the pseudo-ponzi marketing things like touting amazon deals, or consumer survey things which are pretty upfront with what they are about.

But the post that triggered my suspicion has a lot of bad signs:
They refer to a scholarship contest, always a sign of some sort of con.
The post has almost no friends but is in a lot of communities.
The only posts on their journal are brickfish lures.
Got a picture of a cute dog (well it is the point of the group, but still a flag).
Got a heartwarming story behind it (who isn;t nice to people with service animals).

I felt played.


Feb. 28th, 2009 03:44 pm
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My mother was at home watching tv and playing on the computer when she had a massive heart attack and slumped over, my dad called 911 and tried to perform cpr. They got her to a hospital and sort of got her going again on a ventilator but she was in a coma. My family got together and after a couple days in ICU became clear she was not going to come out of it so my dad decided to have them remove her from the machine.

My dad's kidneys started shutting down and other systems started sputtering out. He entered hospice care and they provided him a home nurse and a hospital bed for his place. Our family gathered and he fell into a coma and then died on christmas eve.

My mother in law's COPD got worse and worse. She entered an inpatient hospice facility and quit breathing in the night.

My father's death was by far the best, though my mother in law's was not bad. It meant a lot to me to be able to touch his skin after he died and to be there with our dogs and the unruly mass of humanity that is my family. The ICU where I last saw my mother was horrible and mechanical. The hospice center where my mother in law was was the most comfortable hospital area I have ever been in, but still a hospital.
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Friday night produced 3 good tv shows lastnight, Terminator, Dollhouse, and BSG were all good. More about them later.

But before I go there I wanted to talk about Davinci's Inquest. They've been playing it a lot on sleuth, I had some difficulty getting into it but now I am definitely hooked. It's a cop show that largely focuses on this crusading coroner in vancouver (clear hat tip to Quincy). Lots of good drama and decent acting, with several actors who moved from Davinci's to BSG. There's a lot of focus on social justice and unlike a lot of "cop shows" the cops in this are not always the good guys, they are presented in the complicated, morally ambiguous way that depicts how they really are in life, some are good, some are bad and others are greyish and situational. The only problem I have with it is the canadian accident is so thick I sometimes have to put on the close captioning to understand what they are saying.

Terminator is currently the best show on TV, I really like their willingness to explore moral ambiguity and complicated motivations. The show friday was absolutely trippy with the way it moved in and out of dreams like a leaping fish until you couldn't tell which was real. I love their exploration of AI and what constitutes humanity. I really enjoy it.

Dollhouse is definitely getting better, the first episode was "eehh" the second was better and this actually started to get to good. The undertones that make Whedon shows so delightful are starting to come out and the exploration of identity the actives allow may really get to some interesting questions. Of course Fox will kill it just as they start to get there cause that is what they do.

BSG is going to close the season well. this episode was practically a gift to Bear McCreary and a highlight of his music that makes this such an effective series. I like the questions of love and justice that came up in this episode. I still don't know where it's going but it finally feels like it is really going somewhere.


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