Jan. 19th, 2009

My Resume

Jan. 19th, 2009 08:43 pm
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R. Michael Litchfield

Objective: To build on my current extensive skills in providing customer support for IT services.

Relevant Work History:

March 2007 - Present: Raak Technologies; Austin, TX.
"Independent Contractor"
Provided Customer Technical Support & Created Documentation for Smartcards/encrypted tokens & PKI system integration
Windows & Linux System Administration for Development, Production, and Demonstration servers
Performed Windows Logo Program Certification to include drivers in Windows Updates
New product testing
Webstore order fulfillment & Quickbooks processing of credit card charge, shipping, and inventory management

3/04 – 1/07: Postini Inc.; Austin, TX
“Senior Technical Support Engineer”
Provide live technical support for relayed:
*Secure messaging
*Instant messaging control
*Spam and virus filtering
*Disaster recovery
Compliance Archival (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, etc.)
Diagnosis of issues with customer's intranet infrastructure
Provide non-urgent technical support for optimizing messaging systems such as Exchange and Domino in both Windows and Unix environments.

1/97 - 2/02: Lotus IBM; Austin, TX
“Lead Technical Customer Support Professional”
Provided phone and e-mail cross-platform support of Domino to system administrators
Assisted QA and programmers to determine root cause of problems
Assisted in the implementation of solutions in hot-fixes and new releases
Provided internal technical support for Lotus Professional Services field-support analysts
Developed training for analysts on new products and features with Lotus Education

9/94 - 12/96: University of Texas, Office of Telecommunication Services; Austin, TX
“Computer Programmer/Services Assistant”
Located, diagnosed, and repaired problems on a state-wide IP network, TENET
Wrote HTML code for service web sites
Provided end-user support for a variety users
Maintained the office LAN of NeXT, Macintosh, and PC computers
Processed accounts receivables for the TENET program
Created a Macintosh package for SLIP/PPP connections to TENET

Technical Proficiencies:
Windows (3.11 to Vista), Unix (SysV, Redhat, BSD, SuSE, Solaris), and assorted other OS (VMS, OS/2, Netware, OS/360)
Extensive knowledge of internet standards
Detailed familiarity with all major E-Mail systems
Conversant with HTML, XML, DSML, SOAP, and other web based technologies
Some PERL, shell, javascript, and VB scripting.

B.S. Psychology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. 1991

Certified Lotus Professional


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